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        • Speaker kit LSP3W for BELKA-DX

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          Speaker kit for BELKA DX shortwave receiver with stylish & ergonomic "click-into-place" legs. Large battery pack 2200mAh is included with the kit. Easy assembly to your BELKA-DX just unscrew old back panel and secure this one in place.

          LSP3W speaker kit is out of stock till 23th of may 2023. Orders will fulfill on "first come first out" basis.

          Technical data for speaker kit LSP3W for BELKA-DX

          - Back panel made of sturdy ENAW-6082 aluminum alloy
          - CNC machined and finished
          - Built in "click-into-place" legs with fix mechanism for different angle positions
          - Highly durable powder coating paint
          - Quality louspeaker - transducer type, 40mm in diameter
          - Audio power - 2/3W
          - Max audio power - 3/3.5W
          - Impedance - 8ohm±15%
          - Working temperature - +25...+70°C
          - Frequency response 220...20000Hz
          - Audio level 94±3dB
          - Resonant frequency - 650Hz±20%
          - Built in battery 3.7V LiPo 2500 mAh

          Mechanical Data for speaker kit LSP3W

          - Outer dimensions of the kit - 76mmx45mmx9mm
          - Weight approx. - 115gr.
          - Legs and screw set manufactured by stainless steel 304
          - Materials used - brass, aluminum alloy ENAW-6082, steel inox 304

          Set consists of:

          - speaker kit LSP3W  1pcs.

        • Comments
          • Sean Welsh April 20, 2021 4:25 PM
            Will this work with the original Belka-DSP radio (the older non DX) unit? Thanks Sean
          • Noel Ramos March 15, 2022 7:29 PM
            Hello, I was wondering if you still have inventory of SPEAKER KIT LSP3W FOR BELKA-DX and if you still ship to the USA? Also, do you offer the clear display cover as shown in your "Ham Tactical Receiver" version? Thank you and best regards, Noel
          • Olaf February 26, 2023 9:59 PM
            Hello, recently I discovered some ' bleeding' in my display. Is it possible to order a replacement LCD? Thank you
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