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        • Speaker kit LSP3W for BELKA-DX

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          Speaker kit for BELKA DX shortwave receiver with stylish & ergonomic "click-into-place" legs. Large battery pack 2200mAh is included with the kit. Easy assembly to your BELKA-DX just unscrew old back panel and secure this one in place.

          Technical data for speaker kit LSP3W for BELKA-DX

          - Back panel made of sturdy ENAW-6082 aluminum alloy
          - CNC machined and finished
          - Built in "click-into-place" legs with fix mechanism for different angle positions
          - Highly durable powder coating paint
          - Quality louspeaker - transducer type, 40mm in diameter
          - Audio power - 2/3W
          - Max audio power - 3/3.5W
          - Impedance - 8ohm±15%
          - Working temperature - +25...+70°C
          - Frequency response 220...20000Hz
          - Audio level 94±3dB
          - Resonant frequency - 650Hz±20%
          - Built in battery 3.7V LiPo 2500 mAh

          Mechanical Data for speaker kit LSP3W

          - Outer dimensions of the kit - 76mmx45mmx9mm
          - Weight approx. - 115gr.
          - Legs and screw set manufactured by stainless steel 304
          - Materials used - brass, aluminum alloy ENAW-6082, steel inox 304

          Set consists of:

          - speaker kit LSP3W  1pcs.

        • Comments
          • Sean Welsh April 20, 2021 4:25 PM
            Will this work with the original Belka-DSP radio (the older non DX) unit? Thanks Sean
          • Noel Ramos March 15, 2022 7:29 PM
            Hello, I was wondering if you still have inventory of SPEAKER KIT LSP3W FOR BELKA-DX and if you still ship to the USA? Also, do you offer the clear display cover as shown in your "Ham Tactical Receiver" version? Thank you and best regards, Noel
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