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        • Software defined radio (SDR) FLEX-5000A

          Flex Radio System
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          The FlexRadio FLEX-5000A™Software Defined Radio. High Performance Software Defined Radio at its Best! Integrates all I/Q data and hardware control over a single FireWire® (IEEE-1394) connection to a user provided computer.

          The "workhorse" of the family is the FLEX-5000A. The same receiver and transmitter are common throughout the entire FLEX-5000 family, so no matter if you have the FLEX-5000A or the fully integrated FLEX-5000C™, you still have the same outstanding performance and capabilities.

          Like all SDRs from FlexRadio Systems the FLEX-5000 is a fully software defined radio.  The accepted definition of a real software defined radio is one "where components that have typically been implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, amplifiers, oscillators, modulators/demodulators, detectors. etc.) are instead implemented using software running on a personal computer or other embedded computing devices".  The advantages of a SDR over a traditional analog radio, a hybrid DSP/analog radio or "firmware defined radio" are many.  Versatility, flexibility and immunity to obsolescence are just a few of the inherent characteristics of fully software defined radios.  Don't be mislead by other manufacturer’s claims that their radios or accessories are "software defined" when they are just really software controlled or have software defined "like" features. If you are looking for the real deal, a genuine software defined radio, then look no further than FlexRadio Systems and the FLEX-5000.
          Top Performing Narrow-Spaced Two-Tone 3 rd Order IMD Dynamic Range of ~100 dB on 14 MHz Using a 2 KHz Spacing. Not the 20 KHz Spacing Like Everyone Else Advertises!

          Main features:
          - The FLEX-5000 has integrated the A/D and D/A processing hardware built inside the radio.
          - True Full Duplex Operation for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive.
          The FLEX-5000 is a true full duplex transceiver with independent transmitter and receiver signal paths. This means that the software can use the transmitter and receiver simultaneously for monitoring one band while transmitting on another when used with the optional full performance second receiver. With external transverters full duplex satellite operation is also possible. On phone and digital modes, you can hear and see the spectrum of your actual transmitted signal. Full duplex operation also facilitates very high speed T/R switching for CW and TOR digital modes.
          - FlexWire™ Peripheral Interface Bus
          - Redesigned 100 Watt 160-6m Power Amp
          - Optimized 11th Order Filters for all Amateur Bands from 160 to 6 Meters
          - Balanced Microphone Input
          - High Stability TCXO for Accurate SSB, VHF+ and Digital Modes
          - Three Software Selectable Antenna Connectors
          - Separate Dedicated Receiving Antenna
          - Transverter Ready - Full Duplex 28 MHz IF
          - No External Calibration Equipment Required. The new FLEX-5000 family incorporates Built-In Test Equipment (BITE).

          Made in the USA! All FlexRadio Systems products are designed, manufactured, assembled, quality checked and calibrated in Austin, TX USA.

          FlexRadio PowerSDR™ and the FLEX-5000 - An Awesome Combination!

          Don't Wait.
          Order your FLEX-5000A Software Defined Radio Today!

          Package consist of:
          1. Radio FLEX-5000A
          2. Power cable 13.8V
          3. Firewire cable

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