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        • Software defined radio (SDR) FLEX-3000

          Flex Radio System
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          The FlexRadio FLEX-3000™ Software Defined Radio - built on the Same Solid Foundation of the FLEX-5000™ Family of Transceivers.


          The FlexRadio FLEX-3000™ Software Defined Radio

          An Affordable and Compact Fully Software Defined Radio Built on the Same Solid Foundation of the FLEX-5000™ Family of Transceivers.
          The FLEX-3000 is the high performance mid-range 100 watt all-band, all-mode amateur radio transceiver that achieves receiver performance that rivals all other traditional analog or hybrid DSP transceivers in its price class.  The FLEX-3000 is the perfect transceiver for hams just getting started with high performance fully software defined radios or a companion SDR for existing FLEX-5000 owners who want a more convenient solution for portable operation.

          They say dynamite comes in small packages and nothing could be closer to the truth. The FLEX-3000 is the newest member of FlexRadio Systems' high performance fully Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceivers family.  The FLEX-3000 is a "direct descendant" of the FLEX-5000™, the full-featured, world-class software defined radio transceiver for amateur use.  Engineered using the same core multi-channel Firewire infrastructure as the FLEX-5000, the FLEX-3000 offers ham radio operators a mid-range priced, SDR that will continue to "just keep getting better" with new performance and operating features.  Moreover, these new features can be had with just a simple free software update of FlexRadio PowerSDR™ downloaded from the Internet.
          As with all FlexRadio Systems transceivers, the real power of the FLEX-3000 is unleashed when it is combined with FlexRadio's PowerSDR software.  This is the same software that is used by all FlexRadio Systems fully software defined radios including the upcoming FLEX-1500™ entry-level QRP model.
          In addition to the information listed above and below, there is also an extensive Product Comparison Matrix on the web site that provides side-by-side feature comparison of all FlexRadio Systems fully software defined radios.
          But don't just take our word for it.  See what other FLEX-3000 users are saying about the newest software defined radio.  You can find a collection of unsolicited comments on the FLEX-3000 Testimonials web page.

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          • John Deni Sinaga January 20, 2019 2:34 PM
            Dear Sir, Im looking Flexradio 3000 or Flexradio 1500. Do you have this old radio ? if yes, Im very happy and just let me know the best price for that radio. Im waiting answer. Thank you Jhon - YD6NJK
          • October 16, 2021 10:57 PM
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