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        • BELKA-DX shortwave receiver complete with LSP3W speaker kit

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          BELKA-DX is a shortwave receiver 1.5 - 31MHz, based on the latest DSP technology. The receiver is pocket sized as much as box of matches and has rich set of functionalities similar to those bigger sized - high class receivers. This device comes complete with LSP3W speaker kit and high capacity 2200mAh Li-po battery. Back panel is made of special aluminum alloy billet stock precisely CNC mashined to it's best. Then finished and painted (powder coated). The receiver has foldable "click-into-place" seek & stylish legs that can conveniently support BELKA-DX receiver in different view angles according to operator's preferences. BELKA-DX with speaker kit comes with larger 2200mAh Li-Po battery pack for maximum operating hours.


          Download user manual from here EN

          BELKA-DX DSP technical specifications

          -Frequency range 1.5MHz - 31MHz
          -Modulation modes CW, SSB LSB,NFM,AM1 and АМ2pseudo-synchronous.ALL MODE
          -Frquency step 10, 20, 50, 100 Hz; 1, 5, 10, 50 kHz.
          -Adjstuble bandwith, low and high skirts 2-4kHz; 50 - 300Hz.
          -CW mode bandwith ~300 Hz; Adjustable CW pitch 500-1kHz.
          -Receiver front-end is optimised for using telescopic antenna (800mm) in the range 1.5 - 31MHz.
          -IQ output for viewing panorama on a computer
          -Signal strength indicator (S-meter).
          -Adjustable receiver sensitivity.
          -Image rejection ~70dB.
          -Timeout timer (TOT).
          -Battery level indicator.
          -Dial lock state indicator.
          -Mode (modulation type) indicator.
          -32 memory locations.
          -Built in audio power amplifier, deisgned to work with external loud speaker with impedance 4-8 ohm.
          -Charge and supply from micro USB port 5V.
          -Built in battery LiPo 2200 mA
          -Current consumption - around 80mA. Power consumption - 0.25mW with headphones.
          -Battery life - 24 hours when on headphones.
          -Built-in speaker 3W

          Mechanical data:

          - Cabinet measures 84х50х29mm (with speaker kit LSP3W)
          - Weight: ~147gr. (with speaker kit LSP3W)
          - Materials used: Aluminum, Chrome, plastics

          Technical data for speaker kit LSP3W

          - Back panel made of sturdy ENAW-6082 aluminum alloy
          - CNC machined and finished
          - Built in "click-into-place" legs with fix mechanism for different angle positions
          - Highly durable powder coating paint
          - Quality louspeaker - transducer type, 40mm in diameter
          - Audio power - 2/3W
          - Max audio power - 3/3.5W
          - Impedance - 8ohm±15%
          - Working temperature - +25...+70°C
          - Frequency response 220...20000Hz
          - Audio level 94±3dB
          - Resonant frequency - 650Hz±20%
          - Built in battery 3.7V LiPo 2200 mAh  (3.7V LiPo 2500 mAh as an option)

          Mechanical Data for speaker kit LSP3W

          - Outer dimensions of the kit - 76mmx45mmx9mm
          - Weight approx. - 115gr.
          - Legs and screw set manufactured by stainless steel 304
          - Materials used - brass, aluminum alloy ENAW-6082, steel inox 304

          Set consists of:

          - BELKA-DX shortwave receiver with assembled speaker kit LSP3W  1pcs.
          - Telescopic whip 1pcs.

        • Comments
          • Bob Hodgen March 20, 2021 5:04 PM
            I have my Belka-DX. Do you have just a speaker? Thanks Bob
          • Bob Hodgen March 20, 2021 5:05 PM
            I have my Belka-DX. Do you have just a speaker? Thanks Bob
          • Dave Gropper May 15, 2021 1:17 AM
            How much is theBELKA-DX shortwave receiver complete with LSP3W speaker kit delivere to USA ZIP 99354. Does your listed price include VAP? Thanks
          • OBAID July 7, 2021 5:25 PM
            Dose it work on 2m 144 & 430 ?? is there one Antenna for All bands reception? or it required diffrent antennas ?
          • John Young August 25, 2021 7:04 PM
            Does the cost of 204.01 Euros include UK duty and Vat,, if not can you quote me a total and can I pay you with PayPal ??
          • Andree Knott September 18, 2021 5:55 PM
            Hi, when do you estinare that the new BelkaDX will be available again? What is a receiver and speaker combo including shipping to Germany? With regards Andy
          • juan carlos February 13, 2022 10:04 PM
            I would buy one if it had MW cover
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