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        • Dual band VHF/UHF DMR transceiver Anytone AT-D878UV II Plus

          (V2, BT, 3100 mAh)
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          Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus is the newest version of this dualband VHF/UHF radio. Built in Bluetooth module for connecting of different accessories like PTT button and earbuds. The radio can transmit and current location data - built in GPS module. Built in APRS functionallity.


          Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus is hand held dual band VHF/UHF HAM transceiver with both analog and digital (DMR) or mixed mode capability. Digital DMR mode is compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 и 2. Unlike many other DMR radios which use preprogrammed memory channels and parameters D878UV offers DMR-VFO mode capability. Almost all function’s parameters are accessible via menu without need of PC software with exception of DMR ID which should be assign only by PC and programming software. Radio manufacturer added an option to store & choose multiple DMR ID’s. With right DMR ID selected the radio could have access to different DMR networks (professional, company) and after ID change HAM band networks can be accessed. This feature makes the radio very suitable for HAM operators in comparison with other DMR portable radios. No doubt Anytone  D878UV offers enormous memory size: up to 4000 digital/analog memory channels, up to 10 000 groups and up to 500 000 contacts. In analog mode radio supports functions like DTMF, CTCSS and DCS coding, as well as 2-tone and 5-tone signal coding. There is 1750Hz  touch tone too .. AT-D878UV is successor of exceptional popular D868UV model. Due to the large 2GB internal memory the software comes with more operating features like:
          - APRS. „878“ , with manual parameter entry through radio’s menu.
          -„ROAMING“, feature which assigns repeater automatically by accessibility check from predefined repeater list.
          - Built in GPS receiver delivers location data which can be easily shared among other devices.
          - 5 function buttons can be associated with individual functions, so every user can assign them according to his own preferences.
          - Added FM broadcast radio (WFM 87.5 – 108MHz).

          Large color display 1,77" with adjustable intensity is easy to read even on very bright sun light, while the for energy saving the LCD can be switched off after programmed period of time. There is 4 level adjustable output power from just 1 to 7W (VHF) or 6W (UHF).
          Please keep in mind that you should use newer version of CPS software in order to program version 2 of AT-D878UVII Plus! Earlier version of the software does not work with the new hardware.

          AT-D878UVII Plus Frequency bands options  HERE

          AT-D878UVII Plus  DualBand DMR CPS v. 2.05 PC software   CLICK HERE

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          • Диан Ангелов December 11, 2022 3:56 PM
            Имам anytone878ii plus от година. Преди седмица успях да му счупя дисплея. Продавате ли такъв дисплей можете ли да го доставите и ако не давате ли стоките на изплащане. Тази радиостанция ми е любимата. Благодаря.
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