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        • Dual Band transceiver UV-X4

          Dual band 144/430MHz 2W transceiver HAM radio UV-X4 DSP technology
          Vero Global Communication
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          The new UV-X4 radio is the newest dual bander of the chinesse technological company Vero Global Telecom and is invotive breakthru on the market. It utilizes advenced DSP /digital signal processing/ technology which gives the advatages of reducing the size and the consumption drastically, without  getting worse the parameters and quality of the radio.
          Little sized /pocket format/ body holds plenty of functionality and capabilities at the same level as in the much more expensive DUAL banders from the leading manufacturers brands. Wide RX/TX band coverage 136 - 174MHz/400 - 470MHz. Dual LCD for convenient frequency redings, 2W of output power, LiIon battery with extra capacity of 1500mAh, capable to withstand up to 130h with just one recharge! And many more EXTRAs, all you need for your profesional work, hobby etc.

          Available options include 12V car charger, exrternal antenna /or optional/, programming cable and software for PC.

          Technical data:  

          - Dual-Band ,Dual Frequency,Dual Standby
          - Frequency bands 136-174 & 400-470 MHz (TX/RX)
          - CTCSS / CDCSS selective systems
          - Channel step (5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
          - FM radio: 88-108 MHz
          - PowerHigh/Low  Switchable 0.5W/2W
          - Emergency Alert
          - LED Flashlight
          - VOX Function - Hands-free operation
          - PC Programming
          - 1750Hz Burst Tone

          Included are:

          - Dual band radio
          - Fast charger 120 - 240 V
          - Battery LiIon 1500mAh and charge cradle
          - Hands free set
          - Hands strap and belt clips
          - Operating manual

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