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        • BELKA DX shortwave receiver

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          BELKA-DSP is a shortwave receiver 1.5 - 31MHz, based on latest DSP technology. The receiver is pocket sized as much as box of matches and has rich set of functionalities similar to those bigger sized - high class receivers. Receiver front-end is designed to work with supplied telescopic whip (80cm) antenna. Built in rechargable battery ensures trouble free operation for up to 24 hours with headphones. In the new version BELKA DX you will find I/Q output signals for panoramic adapter usage (PC connection and software).

          Download user manual from here EN

          BELKA-DX DSP technical specifications

          -Frequency range 1.5MHz - 31MHz
          -Modulation modes CW, SSB LSB,NFM,AM1 and АМ2pseudo-synchronous.ALL MODE
          -Frquency step 10, 20, 50, 100 Hz; 1, 5, 10, 50 kHz.
          -Adjstuble bandwith, low and high skirts 2-4kHz; 50 - 300Hz.
          -CW mode bandwith ~300 Hz; Adjustable CW pitch 500-1kHz.
          -Receiver front-end is optimised for using telescopic antenna (800mm) in the range 1.5 - 31MHz.
          -IQ output for viewing panorama on a computer
          -Signal strength indicator (S-meter).
          -Adjustable receiver sensitivity.
          -Image rejection ~70dB.
          -Timeout timer (TOT).
          -Battery level indicator.
          -Dial lock state indicator.
          -Mode (modulation type) indicator.
          -32 memory locations.
          -Built in audio power amplifier, deisgned to work with external loud speaker with impedance 4-8 ohm.
          -Charge and supply from micro USB port 5V.
          -Built in battery LiPo 2200 mA
          -Current consumption - around 80mA. Power consumption - 0.25mW with headphones.
          -Battery life - 24 hours when on headphones.
          -Built-in speaker (Optional) or kit for self-assembly by the user - will be available only for BELKA-DX version and will be available after 20.12.2020

          Mechanical data:

          - Cabinet measures 84х50х20mm
          - Weight: ~95гр.
          - Materials used: Aluminum, Chrome, plastics

          Set consists of:

          - BELKA-DX shortwave receiver 1бр.
          - Telescopic whip 1бр.

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          • Philip Lock October 19, 2020 1:25 AM
            Just ordered a Belka-DX, I would like the built in speaker. How do I add this to my order. Regards Philip G7JUR
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