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        • UHF transceiver Motorola TLKR T8 walkie talkie

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          Rugged design, high specification but easy to use, the new TLKR T8 is one of the highest featured walkie-talkies available. Bursting with functionality, including a range of up to 10km, the TLKR T8 includes vibrate alert, group-calling, hands-free operation and even a built-in LED torch. The TLKR T8 – keeping you connected and no call charges.

          Technical data

          - PMR446 radios - license free
          - Up to 10km range (subject to terrain and conditions)
          - Rechargeable NiMH batteries (supplied)
          - 8 Channels 121 codes
          - Scan/Monitor
          - Range subject to terrain and conditions
          - 10 call tones
          - Hands-free
          - LED Torch
          - Vibrate Alert
          - Splash Proof
          - LCD backlit display
          - Keypad lock
          - Battery level indicator
          - Bellt clip
          - 9V chargeing jack
          - 500mW Transmit Power


          Set includes:

          - radios 2pcs.

          - chargeer adapter 220V

          - belt clips 2pcs.

          - manual

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