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        • CB Amplifier KL-203 18–30MHz

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          RM Italy is specialized in designing and manufacturing of power amplifiers for radiocommunications. They are affordable decision where communication range is not sufficient.

          Download short user guide from here:

          Download schematic diagram from here:

          Technical Data:

          Frequency    18-30 MHz (Europe)
          Supply    12-14 Vcc
          Input energy/power    10 A
          Input power    0,5-10 W
          Input power SSB    1-20 W
          Output power    100 W Max
          Output power SSB    200 W pep Max
          Mode    AM-FM-SSB-CW
          Fuse    12 A
          Output power level    1
          Size    109x125x35 mm
          Weight    325 gr.

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